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On this blog we’ll share news and information about the film–how it is being received, who is writing about it and what they are saying, screenings that are being planned and more. We welcome ideas from you about how the film can be used in your community to heighten awareness of the benefits of the teachings of Yoga. Please post a reply to any post.

Screenings Begin After May 1st (In Canada, after July 1st):

Please spread the word about screenings, offer your assistance, and join in. Many of the screenings will include after film discussions and some will be larger events in local theaters or universities. Some of the premieres will be benefits for local charities or nonprofits.
For more information about these events, see the individual listings.

If you are able to host a screening, recommend the film for inclusion in an event in your area or for broadcast on a local cable channel in your area, please contact Rev. Prem Anjali at: [email protected]

To update your listings on our events calendar, please contact: [email protected]

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